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BIT 20%
CHEMICAL NAME : 1,2 – Benzisothiazolin – 3 -one
CAS NO. : 2634-33-5


Density (20℃) : approx. 1.14 g/cm3
Vapour Pressure (20℃ – 50℃) : 19mbar – 65 mbar
Boiling Point : 103℃
Flash Point : Undetermined (aqueous system)
pH (10% in Water) : 11 – 13
Viscosity (20℃) : approx. 268 mPas
Solubility : Miscible with Water Ignition Temperature – 375℃


UNIT PACK : 25 kgs bags


BIT 20 I LIQ. is an aqueous/glycolic preparation of the biocidal active ingredient benzisothiazolinone, and has a broad spectrum of activity against bacteria, mold fungi and yeasts. In the form supplied, Preventol ® BIT 20 I LIQ. has a light-yellow to yellow color, which is particularly advantageous for applications in which the risk of discoloration must be ruled out. The good water miscibility of this preservative enables simple and problem-free incorporation in the concentration ranges recommended for preservation. In case higher amounts have to be added (e. g. into metalworking fluids concentrates) it is recommended to check for compatibility by pre-trials in the lab. Preventol ® BIT 20 I LIQ. can be used at higher temperatures and over a wide pH range (up to approx. pH 12) and thus permits broad and flexible use. In many cases, it can be added at an early phase of the production process in order to benefit from the positive influence of a preservative on process hygiene right from the outset. In this context, even if subsequent heating takes place, loss of active ingredient generally need not be anticipated due to the low volatility and good thermal stability of benzisothiazolinone. For the purpose of achieving a reliable and uniform effect, homogeneous distribution in the products to be protected must be ensured. This must be achieved by taking suitable measures in production (stirring, agitating,circulating, etc.).